Obstructive Sleep Apnea
1:49 Min
Snoring and sleep apnea (OSA) and its effects.
Chest pain in Women: Learn more
7:20 Min
Chest pain in women must be taken seriously. Cardiologist discusses his approach to evaluation of chest pain in women
Exercise Nuclear Stress Test
02:26 Min
Explanation of how a exercise nuclear stress test is performed
Inflammation and Heart Disease
3:07 Min
Harvard Professor Dr. C. Michael Gibson explains the role of inflammation in heart disease and tests to detect.
Nutrition and Heart disease
12:36 Min
Preventive cardiology dietitian Michelle Routhenstein discusses role of diet in heart disease
Complications of Diabetes
3:52 Min
Understanding complications of diabetes
What's stroke
2:31 Min
Understanding stroke and importance of early recognition
Heart Attack and Heart Failure
0:45 Min
How heart attack can cause CHF
Microvascular Complications of Diabetes
1:59 Min
Endocrinologist discusses unique complications of diabetes
How a pacemaker works
0:50 Min
Simple description of how a pacemaker is placed
Benefits and side effects of Statins
06:18 Min
Cardiologist Dr Paul Tucker discusses benefits, side effects and myths related to cholesterol medications
Treatment for sleep apnea
2:48 Min
Treatment for sleep apnea using CPAP machine
Nutrition & Health
5:44 Min
Understanding foods and nutrients for good health
Effects of Smoking
1:44 Min
Lets end smoking and tobacco use for good, together we can