Understanding Atrial Fibrillation

Normal electrical activity
3:33 Min
Normal electrical activity with electrocardiogram or ECG
What's Atrial Fibrillation
2:14 Min
AFib/AF and its consequences e.g. stroke and heart failure
Living with Atrial Fibrillation
6:31 Min
Managing/preventing AFib-related risks
Atrial Fibrillation & Stroke
6:02 Min
Stroke due to Afib/AF and role of blood thinners
Treatment for Afib
2:41 Min
Treatments including medications for atrial fibrillation/AF
CryoBalloon For AFib
02:17 Min
Catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation/AF using CryoBalloon
Watchman Device for Afib
4:40 Min
Device used to prevent strokes caused by atrial fibrillation
Amplatzer™ Amulet™ For AFib
3:10 Min
Reducing the risk of stroke in patients with AFib with Amulet™ Left Atrial Appendage Occluder (LAAO) device