PLAYLIST: Understanding Heart Failure

Normal Heart Function
0:55 Min
Explanation of heart chambers, valves and function.
Understanding Heart Failure
2:43 Min
Causes and symptoms of CHF
What Is Heart Failure
0:52 Min
Congestive heart failure (CHF) due to weak heart
How Heart failure causes fluid build up
1:11 Min
Explanation of how fluid builds up CHF
Types Of Heart Failure
1:33 Min
Types of left-sided heart failure - Systolic vs. diastolic
Right Heart Failure
0:37 Min
Description of right ventricular HF and consequences.
Heart Attack and Heart Failure
0:45 Min
How heart attack can cause CHF
Abnormal heart valves and heart failure
01:01 Min
How abnormal heart valves can cause CHF
Managing Heart Failure
6:14 Min
Medications and treatments of CHF
Treatment of Heart Failure
2:46 Min
Medicines, procedures & lifestyle for CHF
Medications in heart failure-vasodilator
1:02 Min
How vasodilators or pressure medications work in CHF
Medications in heart failure-diuretics
51 Min
How diuretics work in heart failure
Heart Failure Devices
2:13 Min
How different heart failure (HF) devices eg ICD work
Sudden cardiac death
6:42 Min
Understanding SCD due to abnormal heart rhythm
CardioMEMS HF System
3:01 Min
Monitoring device for congestive heart failure
Heart Failure: Importance of Diet
07:42 Min
Understanding the connection between nutrition and CHF