Understanding Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)

2:30 Min
Explanation of Diabetes and High Blood Sugar
Understanding Type 1 Diabetes
3:05 Min
Explanation of Type 1 Diabetes
Understanding Type 2 Diabetes
3:06 Min
Explanation of Type 2 Diabetes
Complications of Diabetes
3:52 Min
Understanding complications of diabetes
Treatment of Type 1 diabetes
3:09 Min
Various options including insulin treatment
Treatment of Type 2 diabetes
3:52 Min
Diet, lifestyle, medications options for treating diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease
6:11 Min
DM & CVD risk mgmt by endocrinologist Dr. Blevins
Comprehensive Evaluation of Diabetes - Part 1
5:51 Min
Endocrinologist Dr.Blevins discusses evaluation of Diabetes
Comprehensive Evaluation of Diabetes - Part 2
6:00 Min
Dr. Blevins continues discussion on management of Diabetes
Diabetes and CV Risk Management
9:23 Min
Dr. Blevins discusses CV risk management in T2 Diabetes