Clinician's Corner

Treatment of Hyperglycemia in T2DM: Past To 2021(Part I)
05:19 Min
Dr. DeFronzo discusses treatments based on our understanding of the pathophysiology of T2DM.
Prevention of T2DM: Can it be achieved? (Part I)
05:03 Min
Dr. DeFronzo discusses pharmacologic therapy vs. lifestyle intervention.
The Heart in Diabetes (Part I)
03:59 Min
Cardiometabolic pioneer, Dr. DeFronzo, discusses cardiovascular outcomes data & practical information on management.
Medications to Lower Your Blood Sugar Part 1
1:15 Min
Endocrinologist discusses new GLP1 meds to help lower blood sugar
SGLT2-I and the Cardiologist
36:16 Min
Experts discuss managing CVD with medications typically used for DM
P1 Optimizing Workflow in the Modern EP Lab
9:00 Min
Dr. Rodney Horton on optimizing workflow within the EP lab from the Abbott Cardio booth at #HRS2019